Plagiarism is bad for the soul

March 29, 2005

Laura P. is a plagiarist, and comedy writer Nate Kushner knows it because he is the one that she contacted (via instant message) and offered to pay to write her paper on Hinduism. Of course, being a comedy writer, he did so, adding a few embellishments that will likely raise her professor’s suspicions. Assuming that she didn’t use a fake name (which would be difficult, considering the camera picture she sent of a check with her name on it), this is not going to end up well for her (link via Joanne Jacobs).

UPDATE: Check out the comments on the original post and this additional post for discussion of whether Nate’s actions were too harsh.

FURTHER UPDATE: Kushner posts an update. He has decided to remove her last name, so I have followed suit.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Boing Boing suggests the possibility that it is a hoax, but then presents alternative views.

UPDATE IV: Foreign Dispatches weighs in.


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