Chicagoist: Illinois Politician Blogs Revisited

June 7, 2005

Chicagoist, a blog focused on the city of…wait for it…Chicago!, has posted an interesting look at some blogs being run by Illinois politicians: Chicagoist: Illinois Politician Blogs Revisited. Doesn’t look like a ton of promise yet. As Chicagoist points out, the nature of politicians is such that they are less likely to have the immediacy and "freeform thinking" that blogs require and more likely to stick to a safe, but boring, message (certainly understandable, considering that the media is much more likely to notice a post that reflects negatively on the politician — provocation and controversy are good for most bloggers, but can spell the end of a politician’s career).

Chicagoist often has good news and commentary for anyone interested in the city and its environs. I would recommend taking a look. If you live elsewhere, you may be interested in one of these similar sites for other cities:
Austin | Boston |  London | Los Angeles | New York City | San Francisco | Seattle | Toronto | Washington DC


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