September 11, 2005

Today is the fourth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001. We haven’t even really started posting on this site yet, but I thought it would be appropriate to link to a few of the many remembrances from this and past years:

Jeff Jarvis links to the names of the lost.

Ed at Captain’s Quarters remembers how the post-9/11 experience affected him.

Winds of Change has several posts: Yehudit has sites, stories, and photos; Joe Katzman updates his post on heroes and more from 2004; and Armed Liberal comments on the smaller amount of attention the anniversary is receiving from most media:

There will be a time when 9/11 and the war the Islamists have
declared on the West will have receded into the past and be worthy of
minor remembrance.

We’re not there yet.

Alex Tabarrok just took the oath to become an American citizen [Congratulations, Alex!]. He explains why in this post:

But the deciding factor in my choice was emotional.  Four years ago when I awoke to the devastation, I felt that my country had been attacked.  And if that is how you feel then what more needs to be said?

Sgt. Mom at the Daily Brief has a meditation on the anniversary:

Children who were babies on that day are starting kindergarten this
month. Children who were in the first or second grade that day, barely
aware of anything more complicated than the alphabet, are on the verge
of being teenagers in a world where the towers have never been, save in
movies and history lessons. The reality of them, the solidity of steel
and concrete fades and dissipates like smoke, shock and grief overlaid
with time and the business of living in the world day to day.

One of my first posts on Jake Savage was on 9/11 last year, including links to a couple of resources.

Blackfive links to a tribute at the Mudville Gazette and posts a poem commemorating the day.

Austin Bay talks about winning the terror war in the media.

At the Volokh Conspiracy, David Bernstein remembers one of the victims, and Orin Kerr links to an AP story.

Michelle Malkin has an excellent collection of links to further remembrances.

Ann Althouse posts pictures of newspapers and magazines from after the attacks and comments on the Katrina response and what it says about our readiness for a terrorist attack.

Cox & Forkum has a memorial comic for the FDNY and updates its yearly 9/11 comic.

Mrs. Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette has a series of posts timed to match the day of the attacks: 8:45, 9:03, 9:43, 10:05, 10:10, 10:28, and Greyhawk posts the above-mentioned tribute (more here) and mentions the upcoming movie about Flight 93.

Instapundit has a brief statement and links to posts from previous years as well as some photos from Afghanistan.

Arthur Chrenkoff posts all of his "Good news" stories on Afghanistan and Iraq in one spot.

Power Line links to a story on a small town’s tribute to the victims and heroes of 9/11.

Iowahawk posts a simple, but tragic picture.

Rand Simberg compares two wars, WWII and the War on Terror:

But if we didn’t know that we were at war on September 10th, 2001, the enemy did.  They still do.
We must not forget it again, until they are decisively defeated, as we
defeated the brutal Nazis and the Japanese imperialists sixty years
ago, even if it takes decades.

…and here are links to James Lileks’ posts from 9/12/01, 9/13/01, 9/14/01, 9/11/02, and 9/11/03.


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