FROM THE ARCHIVES: Bloggers and “conformism” (Jayne Doodles)

September 12, 2005

Jayne points out where the real power of the blogosphere lies…


posted on Jayne Doodles on 3/15/05:

This post
about bloggers misses a crucial point, I think.  When analyzing the
effect of blogs and bloggers and non-MSM opinions on the world at
large, I don’t particularly care how many people write blogs; I care about how many read
them.  Bloggers can insist upon their importance not just because of
the myriad new bloggers out there, but also because their opinions,
their ability to reach an audience that in many cases would never be
aware of the information they impart, has changed the outcome of
political races, acted as a watchdog for false media, and created a
"market economy" for writing. 

The content of the blogosphere is its strength, but the influence of the blogosphere is all about its audience.


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