FROM THE ARCHIVES: SOTU: “Confident and Strong” (Vacuous Prolixity)

September 12, 2005

MV’s summary of President Bush’s 2005 State of the Union address. Very succinct, and a good example of how grad school can force the mind into extreme note-taking mode. In fact, I think some of these may be the exact notes that Bush uses during his press conferences and interviews…

Originally posted on Vacuous Prolixity on 02/02/05:

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of the State of the Union (hopefully I didn’t leave out anything too important):

1. Children = Good. Requires stewardship so future doesn’t suck. Speech uses this as launchpoint: shaping the future for our kids.
2. Last year: 2.3 mil new jobs. Neato.
3. Promise: Deficit => 1/2 by 2009, while keeping taxes down. Spend $$ wisely!
4. NCLB = Good. High schools need help. Also strengthen community colleges. Pell Grants will increase.
5. Legal reform: small business lawsuits, class-action.
6. Better healthcare access, more control over coverage. Medical liability reform.
Energy: Need alternative sources of oil, modern electricity grid, safe
nucular energy. Clean coal, hydrogen cars, renewable energy (ethanol).
No more debate: pass legislation that makes US more secure, less
dependent on foreign energy.
8. Tax code sucks: Bipartisan panel looking into it, will make it suck less.
Immigration system outdated. Need system that ok’s workers, doesn’t
give general amnesty, doesn’t allow druggies and terrorists to come in.
Must strengthen and save Social Security. Don’t be misled: 55 or older,
no changes will be made to your Soc Sec. For young workers, serious
problems with Soc Sec. People live too long, benefits drawn too long.
Increasing problem, trend will continue. In 2018, payouts exceed
income. 2027 gov’t would need $2 bil to keep it afloat. By 2042, system
will be bankrupt [booing, more booing]. Bush explains, half chamber
cheers. Children’s future more important than party politics; any good
ideas on reform will be listened to. No increase of payroll tax.
Gradual change, so younger people can plan for retirement. Personal
retirement accounts cited.
11. Personal
Retirement Accounts as Soc Sec reform. Pay now: part goes to support
others now, part goes into an account to support you later. Can pass
along money to children/grandchildren. This would be your money, gov’t
can’t touch it. Guidelines for accounts will be given: mix of stocks
and bonds, conservative investments not prone to wild swings, but some
choice. Yearly contributions increase over time, up to 4%.
12. Will support amendment to protect sanctity of marriage.
NIH funding doubled, yippee. However, must protect science/sanctity of
life; no selling parts of bodies as commodities. American science will
remain aggressive, ethical.
14. Bush judicial appointees — Bush appoints those he thinks will do a good job.
Faith Based Communities will be supported. Bush: Three-year initiative
targeting gang life. Part of broad movement to help at-risk youth, led
by Laura Bush.
16. HIV/AIDS: Ryan-White Act renewal request. Focus on helping those with highest incidence, African American men and women.
17. Justice: DNA evidence use will expand. Need for competent lawyers.
18. Security.
Reformed intel agencies, new research against chem/bio, trained first
responders, etc. Our country still targeted for terror: will stay
focused until fight is won. Keep up support of military, must give them
tools for victory.
19. Afghanistan. Iraq: 28
countries on the ground. NATO training Iraqi officers. Working on North
Korea issue. Will continue to work in coalition to protect against
dangers of our time.
20. Need to defeat ideology of
murder, terror recruiting. Hatred => Hope via human freedom. Zarqawi
= bad. We must end tyranny: however, no intent to impose our form of
gov’t on anyone else. Not like other evil gov’ts, who suck. Advance of
freedom will lead to peace. Women voting in Afghanistan; Palestine,
Ukraine. We will add to this story. Tomorrow: Rice goes to Israel/West
Bank to talk. Bush asks for $350 mil to help achieve peace in
Palestine/Israel. Saudi Arabia, Egypt can move toward democracy. Syria,
parts of Lebanon still supporting terrorism in places; going to make
that stop. Iran remains primary sponsor of terror, denies people
freedom: Must give up uranium processing, terror, etc.
Iraq: facing terrorists there so we don’t face them here at home. We
will succeed, because Iraqis value their own liberty–see last Sunday.
Insurgents suck. Iraqi people courageous for voting; unity with us in
freedom. Saddam = occupier of Iraq; big thanks to our soldiers; Iraqi
woman quoted [she’s present in the chamber–lots of cheering].
Insurgents will not overcome Iraqi people. We will succeed in Iraq
because Iraqis are determined to write their own story; desire for
Iraqis to take over security–sentiment of both Iraq and US.
Transitional process, US increasingly in supporting role. Our
commitment remains firm: We will finish in Iraq, and our work there
will make America safer for generations to come. No artificial
timetables will be set: result-based goal, Iraqi self-sufficiency.
22. Our
military: loyal, unmatched. Some have been injured: we will do
everything we can to help them recover. Some have died: they will be
remembered. Focus on Byron Norwood, sergeant killed  in Iraq [Janet and
Bill Norwood in chamber–lots of cheering; Janet hugs Iraqi woman, lots
more cheering; and more cheering].
23. Dreams pass,
dreams are birthed. Road of Providence = uneven, unpredictable: But we
know where it leads. "It leads to freedom. Thank you, and God bless."



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