If it acts like a terrorist…

September 12, 2005

These articles from Reuters, the Belfast Telegraph, the Seattle P-I, and M & C News give details on the rioting and violence in Northern Ireland over the weekend.  The articles highlight the significance of the festival parade of the Orange Order that celebrates the victory of the Protestant William of Orange over the Catholic King James in 1690, which many Catholics feel is “an offensive display of triumphalism” (the parade, that is.)

I have to say that anyone who wants to protest about a parade that is happening to commemorate an event some 300+ years after-the-fact should also be aware of the irony of the fact that they are willing to complain about the “excessive triumphalism” of said commemorators.  Call me naïve, but neither of these groups need to hold on to their identification with an event that no longer has anything other than historical significance in a country where currently one is allowed to worship as one pleases.  I know the conflict between Protestants and Catholics in that area has a very, very long and bloody history, but one does not affect reconciliation or even a cease-fire by holding on to past events which no longer define current situations. Just because events are relevant to the history of a conflict does not mean they are acceptable rallying points for rioting and vandalism.

UPDATE: A third night of rioting.  This is incredible.


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