FROM THE ARCHIVES: Benedict XVI (Vacuous Prolixity)

September 13, 2005

MV posts about the choosing of the new pope.

Originally posted on Vacuous Prolixity on 4/19/05:

Didn’t think that was going to happen, at least not that fast! I was
thinking it’d be an Italian–but here we are, with a brand new shiny
German pope. (Okay, ‘brand new’ in pope years.) ‘Benedict’:
I’d like to find out more about why he chose this particular name. Some
priests have suggested that Ratzinger wanted to make a statement about
our times, since Benedict XV presided during WWI, but I haven’t heard
anything definite. Don’t know about the name Benedict myself–I would
have chosen something more indicative, like ‘Pagan Scourge I.’

Interesting stuff. We’ll see how the media plays with this; my guess
is that they’ll drop the story before much longer, since they didn’t
get a ‘surprise’ pope and all the anticipation is now dispelled. Could
be mistaken, though–we might get a lot of coverage on how Benedict is
approaching challenges to the Catholic Church, specifically on how his
approach diverges from that set by JPII. Again, we’ll see.


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