Talabani’s visit

September 14, 2005

Joe’s Dartblog comments on Talabani’s visit to the US and on the press conference he had with Bush (link via Instapundit). It is amazing that I didn’t even know this was happening until I caught the end of it replayed on C-SPAN last night. Admittedly, it was a busy day and I was mostly focused on the Roberts hearings, but nevertheless, I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned more prominently in any of the news I heard. The only bit of news I did hear was the same as that mentioned by Joe’s dad: that Bush took "responsibility" for the federal resonse to Katrina. I’m sorry I missed Talabani’s portion of the conference and more sorry that the rest of the media seemed to as well. According to Joe, Talabani’s speech was "brilliant, impassioned, and genuine."


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