A Semester Begins.

September 15, 2005

Well, this week classes began here at Princeton Seminary (PTS). *sigh* Less than a week ago I was here:

Watching this:


That is, I was at the Renaissance Festival in Pennsylvania. Not bad: one could do worse than spend a day  with friends drinking (good) mead, gnawing turkey off a bone, smoking CAO cigars, and singing Irish drinking songs. In the words of our viking friend (far left up there), "This, THIS is the REAL ME!!!!"

Ah, well. Now I have Old English to look forward to. Among other things, we get to read Beowulf! (You’re jealous, admit it.)

More later; administrative tasks aren’t that interesting, so I’ll cut it off here.

EXCEPT: Favorite viking quote: "I’m hot as hell" [sidelong glance, bleary-eyed], "but I’m having the time o’ me life! The secret," [takes stein from wife-wench] "is to stay cool from the inside!"

Okay, that’s it for now.


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