My response to Bush’s Speech

September 16, 2005

In general, I thought Bush’s speech last night was quite good, though it would have been better if it had been given last week. Bush is at his best when talking directly to the Amrican people and he has some excellent speechwriters, so it is no surprise that the speech itself was well written and well delivered. As expected, the message was mostly about hope and had many similarities to some of Bush’s speeches after 9/11 and to his speeches about the rebuilding of Iraq. Like many conservatives, I am somewhat uncomfortable with Bush when he starts throwing around spending proposals, but it helps that Bush is focusing on his concept of an ownership society as the best path to a better city and that he mentioned Habitat for Humanity, which I believe to be a great charity. All in all, I expect most Americans and most people from the affected areas will have a positive reaction to the speech, and that it will reassure people that we will recover from this disaster.


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