“A wonderful, magical animal…”

September 27, 2005

Paul Mirengoff at Power Line thinks all of the discussion about porkbusting may be detrimental to Republican officeholders because, as they say, all politics is local:

Lambro’s piece also provides the explanation (if one is needed) why individual representatives are popular at home, while Congress as a whole is disliked:

    "The House races are run on local issues, not national issues," says Carl Forti, communications director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Substitute the word "pork" for "local issues," and you’ll understand why I find the pork-busters campaign amusing.

But John Hinderaker responds in the same post:

There is a basic difference between Republicans and Democrats when it
comes to pork. No significant portion of the Democratic base objects in
principle to ballooning government spending…Republican Congressmen and Senators are in a different position. A
significant number of their voters, probably a majority, prefer smaller
government and oppose government waste on principle.

Put me down for supporting the latter perspective. Personally, I vote for national officeholders based on national issues, and fiscal responsibility is a very big issue for me. I don’t care if my U.S. representative gets my town a parking garage with federal dollars. I would much rather have a respresentative who would lower my taxes by making sure that I’m not paying for parking garages and bridges in hundreds of other towns across the country. Of course, the real question is how many people see things my way, and how many just want their representative to bring home the bacon…


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