Best of the Week…

October 1, 2005

For all self righteous snobs like myself, there is only one thing that can "save" the radio; WE should get to create, or at least influence, the playlist. Well rejoice! for there is an online service that allow just that. is basically a user created radio station based on your preferences, listening habits, and who you align yourself with musically. is partnered with audioscrobbler, which produced a device that tracks what you listen to on your music player of choice, and records it to your profile. As you listen the device allows you to choose whether you love the track, thus influencing your future playlist by adding more music similar to the current song, ban the track, disposing Franz Ferdinand from your radio forever, or skip the current track which neither harms nor elevates it. What you have, eventually, is a radio station that only plays what you want to hear and sometimes throws in suggested music that you might like, based on your profile. The best part about this service is that it is constantly updating and growing. With every new person, a new preference is born with music that had been absent from the archives before. allows the user to "tag" a new artist for all to hear, and consequently, your playlist constantly changes with new artists updated each day. is a worthwhile and fun endeavor for all music lovers.

Music’s Best: Wolf Parade — Apologies to the Queen Mary

I won’t say much, because you can get plenty of gushing from here or here, but this record is fantastic in all sorts of ways. Cautiously unhinged, but curiously catchy, "Apologies" doesn’t have an uninteresting moment with a quivering, wavering vociferation leading the creative and layered spritling album to a place that The Arcade Fire and The Fruit Bats reside.

Honorable mention: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals — Jacksonville City Nights, Calla — Collisions

Music’s Worst: Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack

The TV soundtrack is out of control. Grey’s Anatomy is a show that is about doctors, but here’s the interesting catch about the show; the doctors have problems! This premise is almost as weak as their soundtrack for their first season, using luke warm postal service tracks, Tegan and Sara for credibility? and Rilo Kiley and their Salute Your Shorts guitarist for star power. The melodrama mix matched with a quasi hip group of formerly "new" artists is a day late and will leave you 16 dollars short.



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