Orson Scott Card on Serenity

October 5, 2005

By now, you might have tired of hearing random bloggers rave over Joss Whedon’s Serenity. What do they know about science fiction anyway? Well, if that’s your perspective, then perhaps some words from Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game (among many, many other acclaimed works of speculative fiction), might help:

It’s great.

I’m not going to say it’s the best science fiction movie, ever.

Oh, wait. Yes I am.

This is the kind of movie that I have always intended Ender’s Game to be
(though the plots are not at all similar).

And this is as good a movie as I always hoped Ender’s Game would be.

And I’ll tell you this right now: If Ender’s Game can’t be this kind of movie, and
this good a movie, then I want it never to be made.

I’d rather just watch Serenity again.

Card writes a good tale and a good review. Click the link to read the whole thing (link via Slashdot).


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