“The Right Wing” Cast

October 7, 2005

The Colossus has a suggested cast list for "The Right Wing," a conservative answer to "The West Wing."

For more ideas for how such a show might look, check out Patrick Ruffini’s post from 2003 (reposted in 2004) on a potential first season episode list for a conservative version of "The West Wing."

UPDATE: More cast picks from the Colossus.


One Response to ““The Right Wing” Cast”

  1. The Colossus Says:

    Wow: Patrick Ruffini Beat Me To It!

    Via Jake Savage at Stackable Bards comes this news flash — Patrick Ruffini thought of the Right Wing first! I swear that I had not read Ruffini’s post before I thought up my show — my idea was inspired by Jamie Jeffords’ blogging about the West Wing….

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