Ten Fingers, 6 Strings: Operation Iraqi Freedom

October 17, 2005

Ten Fingers, 6 Strings is optimistic about Operation Iraqi Freedom after this weekend’s referendum:

Detractors and war skeptics were dubious over the thought that America would win the hearts and minds of Iraq. Well, maybe they were right, but that was never the point. We didn’t need to win their hearts and minds towards us, we need them to start believing in themselves and, ultimately, this is what Operation Iraqi Freedom was all about. The greatest battle in this War on Terror has tipped in our favor, thanks to the tireless courage, creative thinking and strong will of our military and political leadership, and the determined perserverance of the Iraqi people.

Of course, as he points out elsewhere, the Iraqi people have a long way to go to secure the full blessings of liberty (we’re still working at it in the US), but progress is definitely being made. Congratulations to the Iraqi people on the success of their efforts so far, and may they continue to work to achieve the freedom and democracy that they deserve.


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