Harriet Miers

October 21, 2005

According to Byron York, the Harriet Miers nomination is not going well (link via Brendan Nyhan):

Strategists working with the White House in support of the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers are becoming increasingly demoralized and pessimistic about the nomination’s prospects on Capitol Hill in the wake of Miers’s meetings with several Republican and Democratic senators.

I haven’t said much on the Miers nomination. I personally know too little about her to judge whether she would make a good justice (though I am put off by the President nominating his own lawyer and agree strongly with the contention that having an established judicial philosophy should not disqualify a person from being nominated). However, one benefit of this flap may be that it puts the lie to any lefitst claims that conservatives follow President Bush blindly. Next time someone tells you that "Rethuglicans" all just follow the orders of their fuhrer instead of thinking for themselves, bring up this nomination…and fiscal restraint…and the medicare prescription plan…and any other issues on which you, or conservatives in general, have disagreed with President Bush.

UPDATE: Captain’s Quarters relays lots more bad news for the Miers nomination.


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