Gym class redefined

October 24, 2005

In other education news, Kimberly Swygert links to an article that describes what seems to me to be a much better way of handling gym class:

The Minneapolis school system’s online physical education allows kids
to choose a physical activity they enjoy, do it for 30 minutes three
times a week — on their own time — while keeping an online journal. A
parent or coach must confirm the student did the activities, and a
fitness test at semester’s end will turn up any cheaters.

Of course, they continue to offer a traditional Phys. Ed. course as well. Personally, I would have been all over the online version in school (at least, during those years where there was an "online"), and I think it’s a great idea, especially with so many children signing up for extracurricular sports activities. I expect that there will be those who consider this a bad thing, citing a decline in opportunities for social interaction (yeah, tell that to those that aren’t dodgeball-inclined) and exercise, but I think the benefits definitely outweigh the detriments. By the time I have children of my own, I hope this is fully instituted across the country.


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