Jane Galt takes on Abortion

November 9, 2005

I wouldn’t normally bother with a post on abortion, since it’s usually an excuse for people to run around screaming and going ballistic, but Megan McArdle at Asymmetrical Information has posted a series on abortion, stemming from the Alito abortion discussions, which I believe is well worth reading.  Her background in economics provides some interesting analysis, and there are, as usual, a bunch of people in the comments providing additional "insight."  I’ve posted links to the series here in order from start to finish…and if there’s more, I’ll update.

Alito’s dissent

Follow up on abortion: how many people getting abortions are really victims of accidents?

Abortion follow up #2: what do we really believe about abortion?

Abortion follow up #3: What’s the difference between abortion and birth control?

Abortion follow up #4: But it’s not fair!

Abortion follow up #5: Why am I writing so much about abortion?

Abortion follow up #6: It’s all about privacy!

Abortion follow-up #7: funny post from somebody else


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