Blogger of the Week

November 17, 2005

Let’s bring our attention over to the left column of our site, and feature another great blogger from our list.  The Colossus has been a fantastic find from the beginning, not just for his sense of humor and the spy novel that tantalizes every Friday, but also for the reviews of James Bond that only a true fan could write.  Thoughtful posts on American policy and the war provide insight and are balanced by some biting satire. 

A few representative posts: James Bond: Goldfinger review, part 2, The Spy Novel, part the 24th, playing devil’s advocate for torture, part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 (actual opinion), a mild fisking of CNN, and finally, the Top Ten Benefits for Surrendering to Islamic Extremism (with a bonus!)


One Response to “Blogger of the Week”

  1. The Colossus Says:

    An honor and a privilege.

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