American Future roundup

November 21, 2005

American Future has lots of good posts today about the Iraq War:

Left and Right Together: on the possibility of a left-libertarian alliance opposing the Iraq War;

Don’t Cut and Run: on the Guardian’s solid stand against an immediate withdrawal;

Murtha Urged Pullout from Somalia: on the latest left-wing darling’s alleged support for one of the worst mistakes the US has made in a military situation in a long while;

and more…

Regarding the last of those links, I haven’t talked much about my thoughts on Murtha. I fully support the suggestion that those who have served our country in the armed forces should never be called cowards. However, I do not think that their service makes their positions on current conflicts untouchable. There are many veterans who oppose the Iraq War, and there are also many who support it. My impression is that the latter group is larger, but I haven’t seen any solid proof of this statement. That said, Murtha’s bravery is not a fit topic for debate, but the effects of the path he recommends should be. Likewise, it is illegitimate to attack those who have not served (whether because of deferments or other reasons) based on that fact. Our country has a long history of civilian control of the military for a reason, and it is not acceptable to suggest that a person who has not been in the military cannot develop good plans for military action now, especially when these people have been advised by current military personnel. There are reasonable arguments to be made about the Iraq War and the larger War on Terror, but ad hominim attacks and feigned outrage over imagined slights are not among them.

UPDATE: This post is linked via Mudville Gazette’s Open Post.


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