Terrorists moving back to Afghanistan

November 21, 2005

Strategy Page says that Arab terrorists are shifting their focus to Afghanistan after having less success than expected in Iraq (link via Instapundit):

The Taliban has attracted additional money, and suicide
bombers, from Arabia. Two years ago, most of this support shifted to Iraq, where
al Qaeda believed it had a better chance of winning some kind of victory. But
too many Arab terrorist resources in Iraq produced nothing, and Iraqis have
become very hostile to al Qaeda as a result of all the Iraqis killed by
terrorist attacks. So now, efforts are shifting to Afghanistan.

I always suspected that Iraq was partly chosen as a target so that we could fight the War on Terror on a battlefield of our choosing, namely the sands of Iraq rather than the hills and mountains of Afghanistan (where, as the media so often reminded us early on, great empires had already been defeated). It seems that some of the terrorists have realized their mistake and are trying to move to territory more suited to guerilla warfare. Fortunately, I think this will be too little and far too late. The Afghanis have already tasted freedom and have had several years in which to begin to build their infrastructure anew. They still have a long way to go, but the reports I have heard suggest that the people are committed to this endeavor and are unlikely to provide aid to foreign terrorists who may put it in jeopardy. Or, as Instapundit says, "Frying pan, meet fire."


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