Want “peace in our time”? Just Say NO to Communism

November 28, 2005

Marginal Revolution posts an excerpt from Rudy Rummel, who has updated his figures on democide (that is, murder by government).  Horrific enough, but this paragraph caught my eye:

"Now, my overall totals for world democide 1900-1999 must also be changed. I have estimated it to be 174,000,000 murdered, of which communist regimes murdered about 148,000,000. Also, compare this to combat dead. Communists overall have murdered four times those killed in combat, while globally the democide toll was over six times that number."

To compare this with the democide total of the US from 1900 to 1999, we have these numbers:

Putting together all the subtotals (lines 333 to 350), in this century the United States probably murdered about 583,000 people (line 350), conceivable even as many as 1,641,000 all told.

Which is despicable.  But what I never have quite understood is why the US is seen as the world’s worst destructor, and yet communism and socialism are ideals that should be espoused by all enlightened and civilized nations?


One Response to “Want “peace in our time”? Just Say NO to Communism”

  1. Mrs. Oak Says:

    One thing is unclear from these stats. Do these include the death of foreign combatants or civilians in war or is this a measure of actions taken against the citizens (or denizens) of these nations?

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