Things that worry me

January 12, 2006

Thanks to Jake for stacking me into the totem pole of various voices.
My pocket PC contains a list of things that worry me and I jot more down as they occur to me. At the top of the list is the overt appearance of a societal equivocation of antisocial behavior with improper mental states, i.e. the insanity defense. For instance, if an individual on an airplane claims he has a bomb and demonstrates agitation, does it make him less guilty if he was bipolar? Does it make him less dead when the air marshal takes his claim seriously and shoots him? Clearly his mental state did not make him less dangerous; just the opposite, in fact. Even if one traces all criminal and anti-social behaviors to psychoses, neuroses, or simply a rough day, does this absolve of personal responsibility? I doubt that we have an obligation to feel sorry for children who murder their parents because they were troubled and now they don’t have any parents to help them through their issues. Not knowing right from wrong can be defined as insanity, but simply doing wrong should never be equivocated with being insane and therefore not guilty… even if we are grasping for some kind of a motivation to understand why. More worries later. 


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