Blogs as advertising

January 23, 2006

Instapundit mentions that he ordered Wonderfalls – a TV show on Fox that was canceled in its first season – based on the recommendation of Tim Minear. Tim Minear also happens to be the name of the executive producer of Wonderfalls (in addition to some of my favorite shows such as Angel and Firefly) according to imdb. Now, I don’t have any problem with Minear recommending his own show to Instapundit, but I am interested in the possibility that he did so as an attempt to get the show mentioned on Instapundit as cheap advertising for the DVDs (assuming of course, that Instapundit actually meant to say Minear instead of someone else). It seems to me that this type of marketing through blogs, like the campaign for Serenity (a movie based on the Firefly TV series), is going to grow as the blogs themselves become more and more prominent.

For the record, I only saw the first episode or two of Wonderfalls and thought it a bit strange, even for my taste. However, I have great respect for Minear’s past work and know that there are lots of people who loved the show as much as I loved some of my canceled favorites, so I wish it the best of luck attaining cult status on DVD.


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