Israel Refuses to Negotiate with Terrorists…even when they happen to be in government

January 26, 2006

Israel is refusing to negotiate with the newly elected Hamas majority in Palestine.  Their refusal to treat with Hamas could spell disaster for the peace process set up with Palestinian President Abbas, but with a parliament full of people who believe the state of Israel should be wiped from the face of the planet, it would be doomed to failure even if they did agree to work with a Hamas-majority government.  Israel has no choice but to refuse to acknowledge terrorist members who support their destruction, but I’d wager that the common sense of their decision won’t stop the world from blaming them if the peace process is derailed.

The only chance to somehow pull something from this debacle is if Hamas does an about-face on their views, and then follows through.  With a majority in parliament, I doubt they will feel the need to submit to that type of realignment.  The concern of the world over the violence of their views won’t mean a thing without the real threat of action.  As the US, Israel, and our few allies are the only ones willing to face down a physical threat with actual force, I foresee us becoming very unpopular yet again. 


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