Illinois – Sixth Congressional District

January 30, 2006

One of the more interesting congressional races in 2006 is happening in the sixth Congressional District in suburban Chicago. Current Congressman Henry Hyde is not running this year, and several Democrats see an opportunity to take the seat from the Republicans. In fact, three Democratic candidates are currently vying for the opportunity to face current State Senator Peter Roskam for the seat: Christine Cegelis, Lindy Scott, and Tammy Duckworth. Cegelis ran against Hyde last time in a surprisingly close race for a long-time incumbent seat, Scott is a professor at a college in the district, and Duckworth is a major in the Army Reserves who lost both legs in Iraq. The race is already extremely controversial among Democrats due to the involvement of the DCCC in selecting Duckworth for the run (see more at Daily Kos). This primary is definitely one to watch.

Christine Cegelis and Lindy Scott recently debated (with Jeff Berkowitz moderating) on a TV show called Public Affairs. The video is available online.

NOTE: [In the interests of full disclosure I will mention that I have taken classes from Dr. Scott.]


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