The Next MyDD Poll

February 11, 2006

MyDD is soliciting suggestions for its next poll. Unfortunately, most of the comments are from liberals who would rather use the poll to tell people what to think than to get an accurate picture of what they do think. However, I was impressed with MyDD’s first effort and even saw some information that other polls neglect to examine (e.g. why do people support/oppose the Iraq war?). I expect and hope that the next poll will continue to try to get a real picture of the public.

For my part, I’d like to see a question similar to the Iraq question above, but focused on presidential approval instead. After asking a question about whether the person approves of President Bush’s performance in office, I’d like a follow-up question that asks why or why not. This question could be particularly interesting because I suspect it might show a wide variety of reasons for having a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the President.

Also, since this is a poll conducted on behalf of a blogger, an indication of whether the subject reads blogs and which blogs are read (or a more in-depth look at the sorts of media to which he/she is exposed) might provide some interesting cross-tabs.


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