Quote of the moment

April 4, 2006

James Bennet, with a statement that neatly sums up much of my philosophy of government (link via Instapundit):

If we are going to ask the government to do something, we are wisest when we pick tasks that governments tend to do well, and avoid the tasks governments tend to do poorly.


2 Responses to “Quote of the moment”

  1. TF6S Says:

    Government is really good at sitting around and bitching about stuff. Is their anyway to channel that energy into something useful? Maybe new Helium powered cars or something?

  2. Jake Savage Says:

    Yes, well, the rest of my philosophy of government can be summed up by Thoreau when he said, “Government never furthered any enterprise but by the alacrity with which it got out of its way.”

    So, essentially, government should only do those things at which it is better than a private alternative, and it isn’t better at much.

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