Well…here I am again

April 12, 2006

Wow, it’s been a while.  If you add life craziness to lack of internet access to lack of interesting things to…well, just about a lack of everything, you get (dundundunh!!!) NOTHING.  That’s right, folks.  Absolutely nothing here for days and days (or, if you’re just looking for Jayne’s stuff, weeks and weeks). 

I realized yesterday as I sorted through my three million RSS feeds that I had saved links to things that I wanted to comment on and write about from January.  It is now April, and I was still looking at those links and thinking, "YES! I think this is interesting!"  And it is.  But it’s also four months out-of-date, and while some of them have stood the test of time, others didn’t. 

Besides, there’s a vast quagmire effect that comes into play with email and blogging – the longer you wait to reply to an email or blog about an article, the less likely it becomes that you will ever actually email back or blog about it.  There’s an awkwardness factor that comes into play; the explanation I hear every now and again tends to be about how you can wait a certain amount of time, but after that time it’s just been too long…

So I sat down and with many tears and sighs unclicked my saved links, knowing that I would never write about them.  It was very sad. 

Actually, it was incredibly freeing.  Down with all the informational deadweight!!!

Of course, as soon as I’d gotten rid of all the old stuff, I promptly saved a bunch of new stuff.  I plan to at least give you all some links, but hopefully I can get a bit of writing done now that I’ve got a little more internet access available.  Finally, the revitalized Jayne, Bard extraordinaire!


One Response to “Well…here I am again”

  1. TF6S Says:

    We better see a Jayne return, or I’m going to have to hurt some small puppies somewhere.

    Indefensible ones. Ones that can’t fight back and will beg for mercy.

    So, you better, like, come back, or the puppies are gonna get it…

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