The Sad Prophesy of The Onion

May 4, 2006

The Agitator found an eerie link between our current state of governmental mothering and a satirical Onion article. Guess which paragraph is real!

According to a controversial Federal Trade Commission report released Tuesday, food manufacturer Hostess may have intentionally marketed "Twinkies"—a dangerous snack cake linked to obesity and hyperactivity—to minors.


"…review and revise their marketing practices with the goal of improving the overall nutritional profile of the foods marketed to children, for example, by adopting minimum nutritional standards for the foods they market to children, or by otherwise shifting emphasis to lower-calorie, more nutritious products;"

That’s right, the CDC wants food companies to shift their focus to healthier products. Whats next? Will they want liquor companies to make less alcoholic drinks? Given, this is starting with minors, but why is this a governmental issue? Anyone still not buy that smoking bans are a slippery slope?



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