Sanctions against Iran

July 13, 2006

From this recent article, it begins to look like China and Russia are finally taking Iran’s nuclear ambitions a bit more seriously.  Although neither country is yet willing to subject Iran to sanctions, they have both agreed to back a resolution from the U.N. Security Council which asks for Iran to stop nuclear activities.

Of some interest to me is the second half of the article, which discusses Japan’s response to North Korea’s recent test-firing of missiles.  Japan seems to be making itself into the Asian world’s Israel, both with their warning of the constitutionality (Japanese, naturally) of pre-emptive strikes on the missile firing base, and also in the way that they are being condemned for acting in a manner that is both consistent with the safety of their country and appropriate given the threat level from a highly hostile and uncooperative neighbor nation.  In my opinion, Japan has reason to be doubly nervous, given China’s quiet but steady militarization and their continued support of North Korea. 


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