Being Sick

January 4, 2007

Influenza (the real flu) is everything anyone says about it and more.  I haven’t been so miserable since I had pneumonia when I was eight.  And to add insult to serious hacking, coughing injury, my vocal cords are completely and utterly stripped.  I can’t talk.  At all.  This is Purgatory for extroverts.

Go get a flu shot.  It’s seriously worth it.


One Response to “Being Sick”

  1. Mrs. Oak Says:

    I refused to get the flu shot this year. I get sick every year regardless of whether or not I get the shot–and it’s usually worse when I do. At least if I don’t get the shot I don’t have to deal with two days of arm pain. But I recognize that it is a very good idea for many people–particularly those in populations at risk for serious complications.

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