Kerry’s not running

January 24, 2007

John Kerry has apparently decided against a presidential run in 2008:

A source close to Kerry and a Democratic operative who worked for him
in 2004 said the four-term senator has decided to sit out the 2008
race, which already has drawn more than a dozen contenders from both

Good decision.


2 Responses to “Kerry’s not running”

  1. I agree. It’s good that he isn’t running, I would rather he let other new faces step up and try. Plus, there’s no way the media would let him say anything … just looked at what happened with his botched joke.

  2. Jake Savage Says:

    Yeah, that was a farce, though it did demonstrate Kerry’s tendency to say the wrong thing (or the media’s tendency to jump all over any mistakes he makes). I much prefer some of the other competitors the Democrats are lining up. It would be nice to have a fight between two real contenders in 2008.

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