More Veronica Mars News

March 17, 2007

Kristin Veitch says there are some interesting changes in store for Veronica Mars if it survives to have a fourth season (link via Digg). Here are the key pieces:

1. Creator Rob Thomas is shooting a five- to six-minute featurette of a new version of Veronica Mars, which is one of three options the CW is considering for next season (cancellation, renewal or new format).

2. This new Veronica version takes place four years in the future, and features Veronica as a full-fledged FBI agent…

3. Kristen Bell
is the only castmember who is part of this "FBI years"


The CW rep for Veronica Mars tells me: "The show has not been canceled. A decision will be made at the Upfront on May 17."

Sources tell me that the show is most likely to come back in its new FBI format…or not return at all.

Read the link for more detailed information.


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