First hundred hours?

April 14, 2007

Remember how much the Democrats were going to accomplish in their first hundred hours in power? What has actually gotten done after a hundred days? Well…not so much as it turns out (link via QandO). More at Instapundit.

Note: Instapundit links to this video by the NRCC, which makes some good points. However, I believe the first few statistics presented are somewhat misleading. The first number dealing with the "record amount of dollars the Democrats want to tax the American people" is actually, in my opinion, the responsibility of the Republican congress that put the sunset provisions in place to make the initial tax reductions more palatable from a long term budgetary standpoint (see here for more). The second figure, the average tax increase per person, is not a good measure of the actual cost to most taxpayers because of the spread of income across people as well as the way our tax system works. I also think it’s disingenuous to list William Jefferson’s $90,000, since that happened prior to the Democrats taking power and the Republican leadership didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory by defending Jefferson from searches of his office.

That said, the rest of the video scores some points and Democrats really do seem content to sit on their hands even though none of their vaunted hundred hour bills has made its way to the President’s desk, let alone become law. If you don’t have the power or the guts to effect change, why should Americans believe your promises to do so?


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