Reconciliation Blog

June 6, 2008

For some good thoughts on the recent attacks on Barack Obama’s spiritual advisers, check out Reconciliation Blog, which presents an honest and open perspective and a forum for reasoned discussion.

For my part, I think it is legitimate to question Obama about his perspective on racial issues, just as it is to question McCain on the same issues. I do not think it is legitimate to demand that Obama defend every comment made by his friends and pastors or to attribute all of their beliefs to him. Likewise, it is silly to suggest that John McCain be responsible for anything ever said by someone who once endorsed him. I am hopeful that the general election campaign will focus on the issues facing the country rather than try to push the guit by association argument past the breaking point. Fortunately, I think the differences between the two candidates on the issues are so great that they will move to the top of the discussion fairly quickly.


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