SNL Tonight – VP Debate

October 4, 2008

Assuming that Saturday Night Live will be spoofing the VP debate on tonight’s program, here is my suggested take: Palin answering every question with a rambling non-sequiter; Biden giving straightforward, clear answers that are completely wrong. For example:

Ifill: With the financial crisis on Wall Street and global economic uncertainty, middle class Americans are facing difficult times. What policies would you pursue to restore confidence in the American economy?

Biden: You know, Gwen, whenever I’m in Wilmington, I always go to the local Burger King and order a Big Mac and a Frosty and talk to the people, and I can tell you they’re hurting. Gwen, I remember watching Teddy Roosevelt address the nation during the Depression and tell us to ask not what our country could do for us, but how we could put a chicken in every pot, and that’s what a Biden/Obama administration would do for America.

Ifill: Governor?

Palin: I think the American people are the best, most productive and also the fundamentals of the economy are strong with the focus on John McCain’s history of cutting taxes and, as a Maverick, his success in bringing the parties together to help America succeed also. But, Gwen, I actually want to answer a different question…

Ifill: Of course you do.

Palin: …and the answer to that question is… “Live from New York…”

Well, you know where it goes from there.

UPDATE: SNL nailed the VP debate out of the park on the show tonight, in my opinion. I also really liked the bailout press conference sketch. This was one of the more enjoyable SNLs I’ve seen recently. Their political humor has been spot on and pretty evenhanded.


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